PBCore Validator

Hello, this is an extremely preliminary PBCore validator. It can detect certain types of errors and deviations from “best practices” in PBCore records.

Note that this tool is not officially endorsed by anyone affiliated with PBCore.

For more information, see the blog post introducting the validator.

Validate a document

The PBCore validator is written by mike castleman and is copyright © 2009 by Roasted Vermicelli, LLC and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.

You can browse the source code or contact the author.

This work employs PBCore. The PBCore (Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary) was created by the public broadcasting community in the United States of America for use by public broadcasters and others. Initial development funding for PBCore was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The PBCore is built on the foundation of the Dublin Core (ISO 15836), an international standard for resource discovery (http://dublincore.org), and has been reviewed by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Usage Board. Copyright: 2005, Corporation for Public Broadcasting.